Getting back to Basics

The way of getting back Gorgeous Skin!

The way to achieve optimum skin health is being consistent with your basic skin care routine. We can all get over enthusiastic about products! We purchase things just because it all came with a “gift”. Another problem is we purchase way too many creams and serums that by the time we get home we have forgotten how to use them! Or you’ve gone from using just a day cream to using seven new products. This is complete overkill – and you’ll never keep up with using them all when you haven’t even gotten into the routine of using the basics consistently. The proper way – no short cuts! Avoid becoming overwhelmed by the workload of having a regular routine for your skin health. The saying “slow and steady wins the race” which is something we don’t necessarily do in today’s environment. Everything is all done quick and fast or not done at all.

I’m a believer in finding the right skin care range for your skin type and using products from that range. Unfortunately, people tend to use multiple products from different skin care companies and have spent a fortune, yet still are not getting great results with their skin. One of the most common mistakes people make is using products, such as cleansers, which are quite alkaline and strip moisture from the skin, used regularly these generic cleansers will actually do damage to your skin. It is more beneficial to have your skin analysis and the correct product be matched to your skin type then for you to randomly buy products that are either on sale or may have worked for your friend for instance.

The trick is starting over; have your skin assessed, use reputable basics and work from there. Starting with the basics is also a great way to prevent your skin from going through extremes such as chaffing, breakouts, dehydration and dryness. This combined with going to have your professional skin care treatment every 4-6 weeks should see your skin glowing. For those who are just complete stars and who follow their recommended skin care regime, they can extend visits from 6 to 8 weeks. For those of us that like to have things in tip top shape coming every 3 to 4 weeks is recommended. As professionals we love to alter your skin care treatment each time you come in as it prevents your skin from going through a plateau.

I’m taking it all back to Basics:

Acidic based cleansing medium is the ideal preparatory step to help restore skin health without any irritation.

Day/Night Care:
Re-Educate the skin, allow the skin to re-hydrate it self, utilizing the ability to heal and restructure the skin, through an active process to treat the signs of damage.

Synergistically formulated to provide optimum protection and anti-aging benefits with no irritation.
The key is to stick to the basics for the first 3 months, be consistent with your skin care routine and we then upgrade it from there onwards. Once you’re into a routine with your skin care, you never lose your rhythm.
The best way to make sure you’re doing the right skin care regime, we are offering  great specials for the season to get you back on track. Also don’t forget to bring or write down all your products you are using at home this way it allows us to know what to recommend you and restructure your skin care regime.

Christina Kritikos
Head of Beauty

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  • Purchase any 4 x ‘Basic’ Nimue Retail Products in the same sale and you’ll receive a complimentary 90min Skin Care Treatment : “Nimue Specialised Treatment” or “Youth Elixir Oxygen Skin Therapy”.
  • Every Tuesday in Feb/March we are offering 25% off all Beauty Treatments.

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