“…the best facial in the world”!

Come breathe pure oxygen…..

The Youth Elixir Oxygen skin therapy available here uses the world’s first and only patented system for nutritional skin hydration – Echo 2. This system was originally developed for the treatment of skin burns and was researched for over 10 years in a hospital setting. The revolutionary patented technology safely delivers the oxygen molecule to the skin as a nutrient (not a radical); resulting in beautiful, radiant, stress free and youthful skin.

Cosmetic surgeons all over the world are now taking advantage of the remarkable oxygen gas skin therapy to help their patients in two key areas:

First in pre surgery, ensuring the patients skin is at the peak of good skin health.

Secondly using the ability of oxygen production to repair and heal the damaged skin fast.

During this Therapy, oxygen enters at a cellular level bonding to red blood cells, strengthening collagen and elastin fibres and improving texture and elasticity. Your skin will continue to improve over the next 24 to 48 hrs after the treatment, temporarily diminishes all imperfections.

The blast of oxygen to the cells in this therapy, ensures the skin receives the oxygen it requires, restoring your skin to a healthier state. The combination of deep exfoliation and oxygen can be of value to anyone whose skin is their priority thus avoiding dull, lifeless skin and achieving a much healthier glow. This blast of oxygen, combined with vitamins A/C/E and liquid minerals (essential for the healthy metabolism of every skin cell in our body) revs up the cell metabolism. The instant visible results are amazing!

Without oxygen, our pores enlarge, our skin break-outs to eliminate toxins, free radicals are created in your skin causing damage and breaking down our collagen and elastin, resulting in loose saggy wrinkled skin. The Vitamin A,C and E in this treatment rapidly revitalises and re-energises your tired, lifeless, stressed skin. We saturate the skin pore by pore delivering oxygen and mycelated nutrients deep into the skins dermal layer.

At this deeper level – the oxygen nutrients continue their work, boosting metabolism of every cell, restoring good health to previously tired and starving skin cells. The treatment supplies an abundance of essential oxygen in to the dermis layer, providing the perfect environment for collagen formation to take place, thereby helping the skin to rebuild from the inside!

“It’s the ultimate hydration therapy that makes your skin look better instantly and stay that way for a few days.”

You ask yourself – do you need a Youth elixir Oxygen Skin treatment?

Head of Beauty

Christina Kritikos


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Welcome to the Gorgeous Salon blog space

We will be posting here from time to time images of salon creative, special promotions, news and other interesting finds from the world of hair and beauty that we would like to share with you. Make sure you keep us bookmarked and see you very soon.

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Getting back to Basics

The way of getting back Gorgeous Skin!

The way to achieve optimum skin health is being consistent with your basic skin care routine. We can all get over enthusiastic about products! We purchase things just because it all came with a “gift”. Another problem is we purchase way too many creams and serums that by the time we get home we have forgotten how to use them! Or you’ve gone from using just a day cream to using seven new products. This is complete overkill – and you’ll never keep up with using them all when you haven’t even gotten into the routine of using the basics consistently. The proper way – no short cuts! Avoid becoming overwhelmed by the workload of having a regular routine for your skin health. The saying “slow and steady wins the race” which is something we don’t necessarily do in today’s environment. Everything is all done quick and fast or not done at all.

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